Services & Fees

 Research Services Include

  • Review of information provided by you
  • Formulation of the work plan
  • Research and analysis
  • Written report of findings, including negative findings
  • Recommendations for future research
  • Copies, transcriptions, abstracts of documents, as appropriate
  • Formal presentation – in binder or files, as requested, of all research results

 Fees & Charges

Each research request is different. Each one takes a different amount of time, and you are buying our time and expertise. Let us know your objectives, and we will provide an estimate of charges.  Request a quote today!  Contact Kelly Leary at

Reimbursable Expenses

Out-of-pocket costs including but not limited to

  • postage
  • photocopies
  • parking
  • mileage
  • entrance fees



Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for K.B. Genealogy & Research are available.

Contact Kelly Leary today to learn how you can purchase a gift certificate.


 Computer Tutoring

Kelly Leary is also available for in-home computer tutoring and training for all clients. If you need help learning how to use certain websites or your computer to continue your family history research, contact Kelly about computer help.


Find out about Your Heritage & History today. 

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