Services & Fees

 Research Services Include

  • Review of information provided by you
  • Formulation of the work plan
  • Research and analysis
  • Written report of findings, including negative findings
  • Recommendations for future research
  • Copies, transcriptions, abstracts of documents, as appropriate
  • Formal presentation – in binder or files, as requested, of all research results

 Fees & Charges

Each research request is different. Each one takes a different amount of time, and you are buying our time and expertise. Let us know your objectives, and we will provide an estimate of charges.  Request a quote today!  Contact Kelly Leary at

Reimbursable Expenses

Out-of-pocket costs including but not limited to

  • postage
  • photocopies
  • parking
  • mileage
  • entrance fees



Gift Certificates

Gift certificates for K.B. Genealogy & Research are available.

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